Tomorrow’s Harvest, 2019

Entyre Films I CBC

Meet the new generation of young farmers working to secure a sustainable local food source under increasingly challenging conditions. Produced with funding from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Producer/DOP: Thomas Buchan
Directors: Thomas Buchan & Ayla Amano
Writer: Ayla Amano
Editor: Tavi Parusel


A Certain Kind of Magic, 2018

Dancer, choreographer and dance educator Antonio Bukhar Ssebuuma, shares his passion for fostering individuality and celebrating diversity through dance. 

Official Selection, Cascadia Dance Cinema Festival, 2018 (Vancouver) 

Featuring: Antonio Bukhar Ssebuuma
Producer/Director/Editor: Ayla Amano
Cinematographer: Sjaak Te Brake
Music: Faizal Mostrixx

Martha and Edward

Martha and Edward, 2010

Martha and Edward is a narrative short film co-produced, written and directed by Ayla Amano and Dennis Brooks.  

Starring: Ross Brannigan, Katy Soljak
Producers: Dennis Brooks, Ayla Amano
Writers/Directors: Dennis Brooks, Ayla Amano
Cinematographer: Grant McKinnon
Editors: David Bret Egen, Sam Rodgers


Duet, 2009

Duet is a narrative short film and was my graduate project at South Seas Film and Television School. 

Awards South Seas Film and Television School 2009

Best Film (Ayla Amano).
Best Screenplay (Ayla Amano) - awarded by John Barnett, prolific New Zealand producer. 
Best Cinematography (Raymond Edwards) - awarded by Stuart Dryburgh, A.S.C., N.Z.S.C. 
Best Production (Joshua Pollard). 

Ayla Amano’s ‘Duet’ is a terrific short film, and it is beautifully, even classically photographed. I sense a real bond between the DP and the director here, together crafting shots that make this very touching, very quiet story attain heights of real emotional power.
— Stuart Dryburgh