I’m a freelance writer, director and producer based in Vancouver, BC. 

 Photo credit Julianne Frith.

Photo credit Julianne Frith.


"Ayla Amano brought an immediate level of professionalism and knowledge into a hectic and logistically challenging series for CBC. Her ability to multi task while staying calm under pressure was essential to managing the daily fires that needed attending to. I’ll be hiring her again without a shadow of a doubt."
~ David Freeman, Senior Line Producer, Great Pacific Media

"Ayla led the briefing process in a way that clearly understood the brand and business need, producing a high quality product to tight budget and even tighter timeline. Ayla worked alongside our people from field employees to the CEO as well as Olympians and celebrities, building rapport and capturing their stories on camera. The production of content was considered, relevant to the audience and Ayla continually stepped up to ensure all stages of the production were produced to a high standard."
~ Brooke Dahlberg - National Communications and Brand Manager, Downer New Zealand

“Ayla was able to provide excellent direction when transforming the screenplay into the final product – drawing on both her creativity and solutions-orientated qualities to produce the desired outcome.”
~ Laura Coffey, Market Development and Account Manager, Pacific Steel Limited

"Ayla quickly grasped the core concept of what we were after and offered constructive ideas on how best to achieve this given the time and location constraints we were operating under. On site she conducted herself professionally, displayed a good eye for engaging shots, worked well with our interview subjects and generally contributed in an active and engaged manner that resulted in a final product that we were pleased with.”
~ Martin Moore, Content Writer and Coordinator, Team Solutions, University of Auckland

"I really enjoyed working with Ayla. She was great at putting our interviewees at ease when they felt somewhat intimated being filmed on camera-this resulted in a relaxed and believable video production. I would not hesitate to work with Ayla again and I highly recommed her. She was not only professional but fun to work with."
- Stephanie D'Audney, Human Resources, University of Auckland

"Ayla's professionalism and ability to adapt to different situations is amazing and Ayla is one of those people who just gets stuck in when the going gets tough. We constantly received positive feedback and clients often wrote to thank Ayla and the team for the experience and the end product. She is an amazing person and an asset to any team."
~Matt Wilmot, direct manager, Company Director, Virtuoso Media

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