My love of moving image was first ignited at age ten when my family obtained a camcorder, and for the next several years I was seldom seen without it, shooting everything from nature docs to peanut butter infomercials to full length feature horrors. I was also fortunate during those years to be gifted an SLR film camera, and spent many school holidays developing images in our family’s makeshift darkroom. These early pastimes married with my zeal for creative writing drew me eventually to film production, and in 2009 I completed my studies at South Seas Film and Television School in Auckland, with a major in screenwriting and directing. My graduate film, Duet, won Best Film and Best Screenplay of the year.

For the past decade I have worked as an assistant director, production manager, creative producer, writer and director of corporate, web and branded video content. More recently I have transitioned into the broadcast environment, focused on growing my capacity in both documentary and narrative series and feature work.

In addition to my work as a filmmaker, I have also practiced extensively in the field of personal healing and transformation. I am a certified holistic wellness practitioner, and have practiced as a youth mentor and facilitator for youth mental health and resiliency programs. I am also committed to my ongoing personal growth.

Creatively I am always seeking the interplay between structure and atmosphere, intellect and heart. To offer a clear perspective while honouring the complexities and nuance at the core of any story. Ultimately, my hope is that these stories will be evocative, artistically beautiful, and emotionally resonant. That they will affect people deeply, inspire possibilities, and mobilize us to act towards meaningful change in the world.